About This Project

We were given a title of “Starbucks”. We are required to create an event of how to create a promotion for Starbucks.



Christmas Reunion in Starbucks

Reason: Christmas season is getting dull & Malaysian seldom celebrate Christmas

The Perfect Gift for Your Family: share the warmth with Starbucks (earlier design) For the instructions of how to get QR code, A short animation was created to show the steps instead of the boring text. How did this idea came out is because we did some survey around people us. What we had found out is Starbucks do not do refill for people. Furthermore Christmas Festival is around the corner. Therefore we came up with an idea of bringing family members and friends all together gather in Starbucks. Instead of going overseas for a vacation and so on. We came up with an idea of online merchandises so that people can purchase gift for their love ones during this lovely festival.


Promotions Idea

Promotion that we’re doing is to create sets of QR codes that will develop to personals when they decided to prepare gifts for their friends and family. It’s also a way to treat your friends to have Starbucks together. We believe that a lot of people are not together with their families and friend during christmas. Some may not be around, then we came up with having a cup of Starbucks together but in different places. It’s still a way to treat your friends and family to have a cup of Starbucks that you’re enjoying. Promotions will be given on discount merchandises of Starbucks online.

Program used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver


This student project has no affiliation with the brand name and the artwork on display is solely for educational purpose only.

Branding, Graphics, Web Design